Business Registration

2022 Business Registration Renewal Update

The Village of Lisle will be launching a new citizen portal to manage all permits, licenses, and registrations online.   Business registration renewals for 2022 will be delayed to facilitate transition to this new citizen portal.  All existing business registration holders will be notified by the Village when the citizen portal can accept business registration renewals.

Prior to purchasing or leasing a premises for your business, please verify that the Village's zoning regulations allows for your intended use at that location.  This zoning verification is performed by the Development Services Department by email or telephone at 630-271-4150.

Registration Application

Annual Business Registration Application

Registration Ordinance

On April 5, 2010, the Village of Lisle Board of Trustees passed Ordinance No. 2010-4310, which requires that all non-home based businesses within the village be registered. Consequently, businesses must register prior to commencing operations within the village. Business registrations must be renewed annually on a fiscal-year basis (July 1 through June 30).

Waived Registration Fee

The registration fee is waived for businesses that have paid for a current village license other than vending machine licenses. However, penalties will apply to any and all businesses that do not submit the completed renewal form prior to July 1st.

Exempt Organizations

Certain organizations are exempt from this registration requirement, including educational, governmental, religious and political organizations. However, these organizations are highly encouraged to submit the registration form with at least emergency contact and alarm information filled out. Regardless, all security alarms are required to be registered with the Police Department and submitting the completed registration form satisfies this requirement. Please note that the fee is waived for exempt organizations.

Submitting Registration

Registrations are to be completed online via the Citizen Services portal.