Daily Parking

Daily Parking Information that applies to both Residents and Non-Residents:

  • The current cost of any one day parking permit is $3. 
  • Availability of one-day parking is not guaranteed. 
  • Those who park in any lot without displaying a valid permit are subject to a $50 citation. 
  • Refunds will be issued for permits returned to Customer Service within 30 minutes of purchase. 

Incorporated Village of Lisle Residents:

Based on availability, one-day parking permits for Village Hall Parking Lot C may be sold to incorporated Village of Lisle residents one business day in advance of parking. Lot C permits are not for everyday commuting. No household will be issued more than two Lot C permits in any one week. Proof of Village of Lisle residency is required to purchase permits for Lot C. 

If special circumstances require purchasing a one-day permit further in advance, please call Customer Service at 630-271-4100 to make the request. Approval of the request is not guaranteed, but will be accommodated if deemed appropriate and space is available.


Lot E (Trackside) Permits are sold on a first-come, first-served basis for open spaces beginning at 7:55 a.m. on the day of parking. This enables you to catch the 8:19 a.m. train. Parking in Lot E may not take place until the permit has been purchased and is properly displayed in the vehicle. 

Accessible Parking for Persons with Disabilities:

A parking permit issued by the Village of Lisle is required to park in a disabled space in the Commuter Lots. Permits for accessible spaces may be purchased at the Lisle Village Hall in advance, and may be for multiple days. If you have a disability placard or plates, please call 630-271-4100 for more information.