Freedom of Information Act

The Illinois Freedom of Information Act is the principal Illinois law governing access to public records. The Act is based on the principle that people should be able to access public records and information about the workings of government. 

Many records can be found on the Village’s Transparency page. These records include the Village Code Book, ordinances, resolutions, agendas, minutes, water quality reporttax levies, budgets, annual financial & Treasurer's reportsand employee compensation For assistance with finding particular documents or information on the website, please call Customer Service at (630)271-4100.

Weekly Development Report and Monthly Building Permit Statistics.

Information regarding the workings of the Village, including FOIA information contacts, current Boards and Commissions members, an organizational chart and department heads may be found in the
FOIA Directory.  

If you are unable to locate the information using either the Transparency page or the FOIA Directory please choose one of the tabs below that best describe the type of record you are seeking. 

To ensure that your request is routed correctly, please select Law Enforcement Records when  requesting a copy of a police / incident report or call for service. 

  1. Administrative
  2. Law Enforcement Records

Administrative records include, but are not limited to:

Village Agreements / Bids / Contracts, Building & Zoning Permits / Inspections / Violations, Business/Tobacco/Liquor Licenses, Certificates of Compliance / Occupancy, Commuter Parking Records, Correspondence, Easements, Election Records, Hearing Files, Invoices, Maps, Personnel Files, Plans/Exhibits/Plats, Plats of Survey, Public Hearing Files, Raffle Licenses, Solicitation Permits, Special Assessment Information, Watering Permits, and Water Quality Reports
Online FOIA Request Form

Printable FOIA Request Form (PDF)

Email - Administrative Records

Email - Police Reports / Records

The Village of Lisle provides the above forms as a convenience, but the form is not required when submitting a request.  Requests may be in any written form as long as they provide:

  1. Contact information for the response
  2. Description of desired records
  3. Whether copies should be certified

Requests for administrative records may be mailed to:

Village of Lisle
FOIA Request
925 Burlington Avenue
Lisle, IL 60532
Phone: 630-271-4162
Fax: 630-271-4104 

Administrative Records Email:

Police Records / Reports Email: