Sanitary Sewer System

The village’s sanitary sewer system serves most homes and businesses within Lisle. Illinois-American Water Company provides sewer service to the Oakview subdivision. The wastewater that is collected is treated at the Greene Valley Treatment Plant operated by DuPage County.

Sewer Main Maintenance Charge

The village bills a small flat-rate charge for maintenance of its sewer mains. This fee appears on the water bill of customers who receive water and/or sewer service from the village. Please call the Finance Department Utility Billing Clerk at 630-271-4131 to change a name on the account or with questions about bills.

Unlawful Actions

Please note that it is unlawful to connect any storm water sump pump pipe, downspout drain, or building foundation tile to the sanitary sewer system. Sump pump inspections are made from time to time.

Overhead Sewer Cost-Share Program

The Village of Lisle offers a cost-share program for village sewer customers who have experienced sanitary sewer backups and wish to convert to overhead sewers or install another backup prevention device. Access additional information by viewing the Overhead Sewer Cost-Share Program resource or by contacting Development Services at 630-271-4150.