Water Restrictions

The Village of Lisle has an established ordinance restricting outdoor summer water usage. It is crucial that the restrictions be followed so that a suitable amount of water is available for normal daily consumption and emergency purposes. The Village of Lisle also supplies water to Illinois-American Water, so we ask that these consumers also comply with the Village's water restrictions:

  • Watering is permitted from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., May 15 to September 15.
  • Residents with even numbered street addresses may water during the permitted hours only on even numbered calendar days.
  • Residents with odd numbered street addresses may water during the permitted hours only on odd numbered calendar days.
  • Handheld watering is allowed anytime. Handheld watering is considered a person holding the flowing end of the hose.
  • A 2-week sod or seed watering permit can be obtained for newly laid sod or sown seed. Fill out the Sod/Seed Watering Application. Once approved, the requester will receive a copy of the signed permit. Please contact us 630-271-4180 with any questions.

Those that have underground irrigation systems are responsible for correcting any system malfunctions.

Sprinkler Patrols

The Public Works Department conducts sprinkler patrols to ensure that residents are complying with the restrictions. Warnings and tickets are necessary to enforce these restrictions. In general, a warning is issued on a resident's first offense.

Offenses, Warnings & Fines

  • If a sprinkler is operating and children are present and playing in it, a warning or ticket will not be issued.
  • Residents are issued only 1 warning.
  • A second offense is a $50 fine.
  • All further offenses are $100 fines.

Thanks for your help in conserving water. For more information about water usage, please call the Public Works Department at 630-271-4180.