Police Department

The Village of Lisle Embraced Diversity and
 Denounces Racism and Violence

The Village of Lisle is an excellent community which embraces and celebrates its diversity. Hateful criminal acts and racism are an affront to these values and will not be tolerated. The men and women of the Lisle Police Department have sworn an oath to protect all residents of Lisle, the State of Illinois, and citizens of the United States of America. Accordingly, the Village of Lisle and the Lisle Police Department stand united against any and all acts of violence and racism and reject discrimination towards any person under any circumstance.

Recent inquiries have been received from residents regarding current police practices. The list of common questions originate from the Black Lives Matter and 8Can’tWait movements, and are based upon the recommendations from the organizations on what would help improve police and community relations. In the interest of education, openness, and transparency, we share the questions that were submitted and the answers that were provided in response.

The Village of Lisle Police Department utilizes policies from Lexipol, which is a resource that provides constitutionally sound policies based on progressive best practices and the latest statutory and case law. It also provides tools that allow our agency to customize policies to the unique needs of our community. Every Lexipol subscribing agency is also regularly provided with ongoing updates to help them keep their policies current.

Lexipol is sensitive to and frequently encourages input from a variety of sources, including members of the public and reform groups, and continues to develop policies and trainings based on the most current legal standards and best practices. The primary mission of Lexipol’s policy guidance and training has always been, and always will be, the preservation of life. This aligns with the basic priority of the Lisle Police Department, which is Life Safety.

For more information about the Lisle Police Department, visit www.villageoflisle.org to view the latest Lisle Police Department information and to review the Lexipol Police Policy Manual.

The Village of Lisle is committed to continually engaging with those we serve in a courteous and professional manner.  We have worked hard to earn and keep the trust of our community and we value and respect all individuals.  Consistent with the policies of the Lisle Police Department, we stand with our community, other law enforcement agencies, and the nation against discrimination, racial profiling, and the use of excessive force.

We continually strive to uphold our Mission Statement, which states that the members of the Lisle Police Department are committed to providing high quality, professional police services that promote a safe and secure community. It is our mission as a police department to form a partnership with the community to ensure the safety of the citizens through crime prevention, the equal enforcement of laws, and the protections of life and property. We recognize our diverse community and provide police services without regard to sex, race, religion, national origin, social status, or sexual orientation.

The Lisle Police Department knows that faith and trust in law enforcement has wavered due to recent tragic events. We stand together with our residents to repair that connection and pledge to work with our community to ensure that all people feel secure and respected by law enforcement officers.


The Lisle Police Department patrols and responds to calls for service in an area covering approximately 6-square miles. Officers pride themselves in performing their duties to the highest level of excellence.

The Lisle Police Department also has an extensive variety of civilian support personnel, including Records Clerks, Community Service Officers and Crossing Guards.