The Garden Walk

Enjoy the Heart of Downtown Lisle
The Garden Walk begins at 4744 Main Street in Downtown Lisle, and is a delightful gathering place to relax and refresh in the heart of the downtown.

Garden Walk Entrance
A dramatic, interactive nature-themed fountain graces the entrance of the Garden Walk. Water tumbles over gigantic stone outcroppings and whimsical animals spout water which flows over the fountain's eternity edges. Seating areas provide a comfortable, shaded place to enjoy and reflect.
Additional Path Features
The Garden Walk's gently winding path passes mature shade trees, grasses, and flowers. It connects to PrairieWalk Pond, a 4.5-acre recreational area filled with native flowers and grasses, walking trails a pond preserved wetlands and children's splash pad and play area. On the east, The Garden Walk winds through the Museums of Station Park campus, Village Hall, and the historic cemetery.

Lisle's unique Garden Walk reflects the village's brand as The Arboretum Village and offers a refreshing way to travel through the downtown.