College Campus Safety

Sexual assault is not a crime of passion, it is an act of violence that can happen to anyone and often occurs in one'­s own home - whether it's an apartment, house, or dorm. oftentimes, the victim knows their attacker - they might have even trusted them, which makes becoming a victim even tougher. The good news is there are many things you can do to protect yourself from something like this occurring.

Be Alert
Show you are in control, walk with confidence. Watch your intake of alcohol and realize that and other drugs will impair your ability to react.

Lock Your Doors & Windows
Even if you are just stepping out of your room for a few minutes.

Watch Your Keys
Don't lend them out, don't leave them lying around, and don't lose them. Whatever you do, do not put your name and address on your key ring.

Uninvited Guests?
Demand they leave or you leave and get help right away.

Be Careful in Isolated Areas
Laundry rooms, library stacks, empty labs, locker rooms, and computer centers can be dangerous, especially late at night.

Use the Buddy System
Always tell a friend or roommate where you will be and when you can be expected to be back.

Watch Being Too Friendly
Don't be so quick to give your phone number or email address to anyone and everyone; maintain your privacy.

At a Party, Bar or Club?
Always keep an eye on your drink, you never know what someone might put in it. Stick with your friends or someone you trust. and NEVER leave with someone you just met!

If Someone Tries to Assault You
Stay calm, play for time. Use your head, every situation is different and there are no easy answers. Know yourself and your capabilities. Look for a way out. Try to "read" the rapist / attacker: can you talk your way out, will screaming help?

What if I am Sexually Assaulted?
Get yourself to safety first and foremost. Call the Police right away, or at least a friend that you trust so someone can help. Do NOT shower, bathe, douche, or throw any clothing away. This is now evidence. Seek medical attention right away, followed by counseling.

If you or someone you know is the victim of an assault, get help right away. For more information about this topic, please call the Lisle Police Department.