Personal Safety

The theft of personal information to steal someone’s identity has been increasing over the past several years. Purchasing a shredder is one way to protect your identity. Shredders are fairly inexpensive (ranging from $9 to $100 depending upon your needs) and are a great way to get rid of all of those old bills and receipts with credit card numbers on them. A cross-cut shredder is more effective then a strip shredder. Police have found thieves gluing strips together that were found in the garbage in order to steal someone's identity.

Personal Safety Quiz

The following quiz will test your personal safety IQ:


  1. When I travel, I always leave lights on a timer at home. Yes / No
  2. I always make sure someone is getting my mail / newspapers when I'm gone for an extended period of time. Yes / No
  3. Someone I trust has a key to my home so that if something happens while I'm away, they will be able to gain entry. Yes / No
  4. Anything of value, I keep as a carry-on with me at all times. Yes / No
  5. Identification on my luggage is tucked away where it can be located but not on display. Yes / No
  1. I always make sure I have enough gas in the car. Yes / No
  2. I never leave my purse or wallet on the front seat next to me. Yes / No
  3. I don't tailgate or follow to closely as to anger other drivers. Yes / No
  4. I always lock my car doors. Yes / No
  5. I never leave my cell phone or other valuables in my car while unattended. Yes / No
  6. I have a key I can give to a valet or mechanic without my house keys attached. Yes / No
Shopping / Walking
  1. I keep my purse held close to my body and / or I don’t carry my wallet in my back pocket. Yes / No
  2. If I start to have too many bags, I take them to my car. Yes / No
  3. I never carry a large amount of cash that I don’t need, or credit cards I don't use. Yes / No
  4. I always discard or take my receipts from the ATM Machine. Yes / No
At Home
  1. When I move into a new home, I have all locks re-keyed to assure I'm the only 1 with keys to my residence. Yes / No
  2. I have the ability to look and see who is at the door without them seeing me. Yes / No
  3. I trim my landscaping to allow me to see out and don’t provide hiding spots. Yes / No
  4. I never leave notes on my front door letting people know when I will return. Yes / No
  5. The door that gives me access to my home from the garage is always locked. Yes / No
  6. My answering machine / voice mail does not say, "We’re not here to take your call right now…" Yes / No
If you answered yes to every question, congratulations, you are a Personal Safety IQ genius!

For more information about this topic, please call the Lisle Police Department.