Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The Geographic Information System (GIS) Division creates, collects, and maintains geographic data. The goal of the Village of Lisle GIS is to maintain and make updates to a comprehensive spatial database capable of serving the needs of all village employees, and in turn, helping them to provide improved services to the citizens of Lisle.

GIS Defined

A GIS is a computer system that correlates digital maps and tables of data in a specific area (geography). Examples of table-based geographic data areas include country, state, county, city, zipcode, address, parcel identification number and street intersections.

Benefit of GIS

A GIS may be used to produce maps, however this is not its primary function. The true benefit of GIS is the ability to analyze data and draw conclusions from that data. These analyses can then be presented as maps, charts, and reports.

GIS & The Village of Lisle

The Village began creating, collecting and updating geographic data in December of 1998. An agreement with the DuPage County GIS Data Processing Department has allowed the Village to obtain data about Lisle and quickly begin using this data throughout all Village departments.

Most of the functions the Village performs on a daily basis deal with geographic information. Many of the decisions Village staff make are influenced by some fact of local geography.

Making up-to-date and accurate geographical information available can help improve and expedite the decision making process. This also allows staff to analyze data in ways that were previously labor intensive or impossible.

Additional Information

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