Village Flood Services

The following flood services are available to Lisle residents, free of charge:
  • Floodplain maps and flood protection references are available at Village Hall and at the Lisle Public Library at the Adult Reference desk, Local Government Reference Section
  • Floodplain information, such as flood map panel, flood zone, and depth of flooding
  • An Elevation Certificate may be available for your property, especially for buildings built in the floodplain since 1980
  • Floodplain Determination Letters can be requested for any property within the village
  • Village staff are available to answer questions concerning floodplain regulations and recommend flood protection measures to reduce the risk of flooding

Drainage System Maintenance

The Village inspects the public drainage system, which includes storm sewers, roadside drainage ditches, bridges, and culverts on Lisle creeks and the East Branch of the DuPage River. Because of the critical role these systems play in preventing flooding, it is extremely important that they function correctly.
Village ordinances strictly forbid dumping or discharging anything other than stormwater into the drainage system. Illegal dumping or discharge is punishable by fines issued through Code Enforcement. Violations should be reported to Village Hall via telephone or email. Residents should void blowing or sweeping grass clippings into the street as this can cause clogging and backups of Village storm sewers.

Additional Information

To report any illegal dumping or discharges into a storm drain, creek, or the river, please call the Village of Lisle Code Enforcement at 630-271-4150 or complete the new online service request form.