Medications Disposal Program


View a brief video about how to use the RxBox.

Collecting Unwanted Medications

The Village of Lisle is collecting unwanted medications through the free RxBOX program to reduce the negative impact of medications entering waterways and soil. The program may also help reduce incidents of accidental ingestion of medication by children or pets and can help reduce prescription drug abuse. Medications can be dropped off in the RxBox drop box located inside the lobby of the Lisle Police Department, at 5040 Lincoln Avenue.   If the lobby is closed, please use the foyer phone to request access to the lobby where the RxBox is located. 

Guidelines for RxBox Use

  • No hazardous waste will be accepted.
  • Prescription and over-the-counter medications are accepted. Pet medications are also accepted.
  • Place pills or capsules in a sealed, zippered plastic bag (such as a Ziploc bag). Different medications can be mixed in the same bag.
  • Do not include pill bottles or pill packaging. This will assist in reducing program costs and ensure that drop-off program participants remain anonymous.
  • For liquid medications, cross out any personal information with a permanent marker on the prescription bottle and place the container in a sealed plastic bag. Double-bagging the container is recommended to ensure the contents do not leak.
  • Inhaler canisters without the plastic mouthpiece / casing will be accepted. Place the canisters in a plastic bag.

    Contact the Lisle Police Department at 630-271-4200 if you have further questions.