Cable TV / Internet / Phone
  • Comcast
    Ph: 866-594-1234
  • AT&T
    DirectTV / AT&T TV
    Ph: 800-244-4444

Satellite TV Providers

Cable Television programming is provided by Comcast & AT&T.  

Please contact Comcast or AT&T directly if you are experiencing poor reception, or if you are dissatisfied with the installation at your home. Complaints about billing, customer service, refunds, credits, etc., should be directed to the cable company. It is Comcast's & AT&T's responsibility to resolve your complaints in a satisfactory and timely manner. As their customer, you hold an agreement with them to supply you with service, in the same manner that you have an agreement with the gas, electric, or telephone companies.

The Village is not a rate regulator and does not control the cost of cable services. The Village cannot legally require that Comcast or AT&T provide specific cable programs on behalf of our residents. If you have a request for a specific channel that you've seen advertised, please contact them directly with your inquiry.