Engage and Keep Informed Regarding the Proceedings of the Village of Lisle Board of Trustees

Regular, Committee of the Whole, and Special meetings of the Mayor and Board of Trustees are held in Village Hall, located at 925 Burlington Avenue. The public is welcomed and encouraged to attend. Agendas outlining the proceedings of the meetings are available on the Village’s legislative portal, calendar, and on the bulletin board outside the Village Hall in advance of the meeting. Paper copies of the agenda are also available for those attending in person.

Public commentary on the business before the Village Board, as well as non-agenda topics, is invited. Each agenda allots time for individuals seeking to provide commentary, both near the beginning of the meeting and at the time a legislative item is being discussed. 

Watching Meeting Proceedings 

Regular, Committee of the Whole, and Special meetings can be viewed on cable channel 10 on the Xfinity/Comcast cable television network and channel 99 on AT&T TV. Video of the meetings replay throughout the week on these channels, or can be viewed live and on demand on the Village’s YouTube channel.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas for meetings list out the sequence in which certain actions will take place and include background information on the legislative items and topics that are considered. Agendas are available at a minimum of 48 hours prior to a meeting, and are generally available on the Thursday immediately preceding Monday evening meetings.

Minutes of meetings are the official record of the proceedings that took place during the meeting. They include a summary of the discussion that took place pertaining to a topic and the outcome of the discussion. Minutes are formally prepared and are generally considered for approval at the following meeting.

View current Village Board and Committee of the Whole Agenda and Minutes | View all Agendas and Minutes