Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement activities aim to help neighborhoods remain safe and welcoming. Lisle property owners are required to follow certain rules outlined in the Village Code, which is local law. Staff regularly notify property owners of code compliance violations so that they may be addressed. Courtesy notice door hangers are regularly distributed to inform property owners that a code violation exists at their property. In most cases, notifications pertain to property maintenance problems.

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Courtesy notice door hangers are used to communicate code compliance violations to property owners. These notices are not a fine or citation. The Village kindly askes that observed violations be corrected voluntarily, to avoid the need for future enforcement action.

The following helpful reminders are intended to help property owners avoid common property maintenance problems that often occur during the spring and summer months:

  • Grass Height Over 8" - Property owners are responsible for ensuring lawns are regularly mowed, including grass in parkways and roadside drainage ditches. Grass should not exceed 8 inches in height. 8-4-5 (A).
  • Dead or Diseased Trees - Dead, dying or diseased trees on private property must be promptly removed. 8-5-3 (A).
  • Overgrown Vegetation - Any tree, shrub or other vegetation which overhangs any right-of-way that interferes with vehicular, pedestrian, or bicyclist travel, including safe line of sight, shall be trimmed. 7-1A-5-4 (D).
  • Waste Containers - Waste, recycling, and yard waste containers may be placed out between 4:00 p.m. the day prior to pick-up and should be removed by 8:00 p.m. the day of pick-up. Residents should avoid storing containers in front of their residence when not in use. 8-2-4 (I).
  • Inoperable Vehicle(s) - Inoperable motor vehicles, whether on public or private property, and in view of the general public, are not permitted. 9-6-2 (A).
  • Peeling Paint on House - Exterior building surfaces shall be maintained in good condition. Peeling, flaking and chipped paint shall be eliminated and repainted. 304.2 (2021 International Property Maintenance Code).
  • Junk/Debris Accumulation - Unlawful accumulation of garbage and debris. 302.1 (2021 International Property Maintenance Code).

To report a property maintenance or code enforcement concern, visit the Village's Report a Concern page. For more information regarding code enforcement and property maintenance, call the Community Service Officers Unit at 630-271-4200.