Vehicle Immobilization Program

A Vehicle Immobilization Program was adopted and became effective on May 16, 2022. Under the program  a wheel clamp, or boot, is used to immobilize vehicles belonging to owners that have 5 unpaid tickets. The tickets must have been adjudicated and a 14-day notice period, where tickets have not been resolved or a hearing has not been requested, must have surpassed. The program may apply to any vehicle owned by the offender.

In accordance with the program, the owner of a vehicle that has been fitted with a boot will have 48 hours to pay outstanding fines (24 hours during snow storms) and pay an administrative boot fee. If the fines are not paid within 48 hours, the vehicle will be towed and impounded, and additional fees will be incurred.

The goal of this program is achieving parking regulation compliance. This effective enforcement mechanism is intended to address habitual violators and is required prior to a vehicle being towed should citations remain unpaid. 

Payments can be made during business hours at the Lisle Police Station or online through the Village's Citizen Services portal. Cash, certified check or debit/credit cards are accepted. For questions related to the Boot program please call (630)271-4200.