2020 Stormwater Master Plan

The 2020 Stormwater Master Plan identifies and prioritizes capital improvement projects that are designed to aid in residential stormwater drainage. It includes a ten-year capital plan which identifies drainage conditions throughout the Village and mitigation steps to improve conditions. This plan was developed with valuable input from Lisle residents, committee members, Village staff and elected officials, along with expert analysis and recommendations provided by professional consultants.

The Village contracted Engineering Resource Associates, Inc. (ERA) to prepare a village wide Stormwater Master Plan to serve as a roadmap for determining future hydrologic and hydraulic analysis needs, design needs and construction projects. Lisle's location on a river and its tributaries has resulted in a long history of flooding. Storm sewers, swales, drainage ditches and detention/ retention ponds also play an important part in the Village's overall stormwater management system. 

2020 Stormwater Master Plan Document

The Village Center Existing Conditions document is a map of a stormwater model of the area of the Village Center North Project conditions today. The Village Center Proposed Conditions document, is a map that shows a stormwater model of the project area at the conclusion of this improvement and the Village Center South Stormwater improvement programmed for the next Fiscal Year.

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