Lisle Levee Rehabilitation

In the 1960’s a levee was constructed by the State of Illinois along portions of the East Branch of the DuPage River and St. Joseph’s Creek. On the East Branch, the levee is located on the east side of the river between Middleton Avenue and Maple Avenue, and on the west side between Middleton Avenue and the BNSF railroad. On St. Joseph's Creek, the levee is along both sides of the creek between Illinois Route 53 and it’s confluence with the East Branch of the DuPage River. The existing and fractured ownership of the levee does not allow for comprehensive maintenance to be undertaken by the Village as easement rights have not been secured for all of the parcels. As a result, limited maintenance of the levee system has occurred over the years.

in 2021, the Village entered into a Project Partnership Agreement (PPA) with the United States Army Corps of Engineers for the Lisle Levee Elevation Project. The PPA identifies roles and responsibilities for both the Army Corp and the local project sponsor including cost commitments. Under the PPA, the Army Corp of Engineers will pay 65% of the project costs and the local project sponsor will be responsible for 35% of the project costs.

Project Partnership Agreement Between the Village of Lisle and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

2012 East Branch DuPage River Levee Study

Levee 6
Levee 7