What if my URL is not working?

We find that there are a few reasons why a link may not be working. First, when you are typing the URL into your address bar, make sure that it is typed exactly the same as how it appears on the invitation you received. Even one wrong character can make the URL unsearchable.

Second, ensure that you are typing the URL into the address bar not the search bar. The survey links are not accessible through most search engines because we only want people from our community to participate.

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1. What is The National Community Survey (The NCS)?
2. Who is Polco?
3. Why is The NCS broken down into two surveys?
4. How long will The NCS be open?
5. How long will the survey take to complete?
6. How can I be assured that my feedback will remain anonymous?
7. Can I share my survey link with another person?
8. How will the survey results be used?
9. What if my URL is not working?
10. Who can I contact with additional questions?